Poulet de Bresse – headless chicken

Finally, after years of reading about it, I got the chance to get my hands on a fresh ‘Poulet de Bresse’. Fairly large chickens from the Bresse area in France, distinct white in color, and weighing 2,5 kilos (I asked for a small one) ImageAfter offering to prepare it for me, I kindly refused since I had to see for myself what was needed to clean it. So after leaving the market in Chagny (Bourgogne), I started on this big chicken. Yes, as expected, it was only plucked, so I had to be careful not to hit the gall bladder (other than that, it’s quite straighforward). After cutting around the cloaca I was able to get rid of all the internal parts. Image

Heart, lungs, I even saved you a bit of trachea (windpipe). As if we needed proof of it’s origin, they mark every chicken.Image

So was it tasty? Sure, but I will not change my habit of buying Kemper landhoen right here in the Netherlands, just as tasty!



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